Thursday, July 13, 2017


June was packed.  Lots of activities.  Lots of decisions being made.  

#1 - 5th Grade Graduation

Andrew and his class performed a 1950s skit for his 5th Grade program (Little Richard) - hence the greaser look.  It was super cute to watch him perform and dance with a GIRL!  Esp coming from a firm 11yr old who declares he will never get married because girls are too emotional.

We went to On The Roll in downtown Eagle (our favorite deli) to celebrate.  

He's had a wonderful 5th grade class at Andrus with Mr. Fischer. This is also the first year where my son has been taller than his teacher - it kept shocking me when I'd volunteer.  This kid has solid convictions and a strong sense of self he inherited from his Dad.  He will miss his friends, his soccer team and the chess club.  

#2 - Kindergarten Graduation 

Despite how much I dislike these types of extravagant celebrations of routine, I'm always won over by my children's cuteness.  This guy makes my day with his keen observations of daily life, his love for others and his nightly prayers that encompass so much gratitude I take for granted.  Our family is blessed by Bubbs. 

#3 - Last Day of School!!

Such a lousy photo.  The jumps, the light - the whole thing is off.  Worst end of school year photo ever!  Gah!!  But we were in the middle of dropping off James at the Astin's house for Lake Powell.  We were in a massive hurry.  We were hot and we'd just driven 6 hours without Dad.  

Oh well.  There's always next year.  

#4 - Kearns Swim Meet & Teaching Swim Lessons

James spent a weekend down in Kearns, Utah with the Eliasons at a regional invitational swim meet.  He swam 6 events - 5 of them were separate 200 yard swims (very difficult!).  He told me later he the water in Kearns, particularly the pool, was horribly dry and gross.  I told him I was just grateful he didn't get shot or mugged.

After he got back, James spent 2 weeks teaching swim lessons for the family of his Sunday School teacher.  This was tricky for him - since he's had zero training and could only pull from his swim team instruction.  But he really crafted some awesome lessons and channeled his favorite swim teacher from Draper - Linda Ewell.  Which meant he had snacks for his students every day.  He also earned enough cash to boost his car savings fund significantly. 

#5 - James in Teachers

I should have commented on this in May, but I'd neglected to get a shot of the new suit. Side note - I wasn't crazy about a blue suit when I heard the color choice from Greg.  But now I wouldn't change a thing.  Love, love!      

In the LDS church, males who turn 14 and live according to gospel standards advance to the role of Teacher, which brings with it several responsibilities including Home Teaching with Dad.  This was a little bittersweet for my son who has wholeheartedly loved Deacons, particularly his Deacons Adviser - Brother Farrell.  He's been in the Deacons presidency since we moved here and with the move to Teacher, he had to leave that behind. 

On the other hand, he's very much looking forward to Teachers and his 2nd 50-miler, High Adventure, week-long camp out that's around the corner.     

Doesn't he look sharp?  Isn't he just...glowing?

#6 - Field Trips & Science Projects

We've somehow miraculously managed to squeeze in a few of these amidst the chaos that has been a constant since summer started.  I should note that my kids have started talking up our summer activities to their friends.  So we've now got company almost anytime we break out the tools for science projects or load up the car. 

These are all plaster animal/bird foot prints we made at the MK Nature Center.  And just my luck, I ended up with the Canadian Goose.  Such an ironic way to wrap up my year of living in Boise, Idaho.  Bleh.  

#7 - Farewell

I don't like this at all, but there's no getting around it.  We said farewell (AGAIN!) to Greg end of June just in time for him to start the new job in San Diego.  Since then it's been a fight between counting down days and trying not to think about it before he comes home every other weekend.  

If this is the stuff of life that ultimately makes you stronger, I'm going to be one toned lady, and I really hope it shows in my bicep area - or possibly my abs.

Either way - WE MISS GREG!!!  And we are really praying for stability.  Stability please!!  Maybe for my birthday wish this year.  I could use several decades with no more change.  No more moves.  No more stress. 

In the meantime, there's a house to sell, a house to find and rent, schools to research, seminary to find, wards to contact, moving companies, space to shrink - all that lovely stuff that keeps you up till the early hours of the morning stressing over.        

#7 - Astin Visits (And John Shaw)

Our good friends the Astins flew up Nathan and Erin for a few days while their Mom & Dad did Trek in Herriman.  Coincidently, it was the same week that one of Andrew's best friends from Utah surprised him with a visit.  So for several days, it was mass pandemonium play time at our house.  Lots of happiness, but a very weary mother at the end.         

But like every other good host in Boise, we did the right thing - we took them to visit McCall.  

One small note.  This plaque is on display at the main pier at McCall (courtesy again of my talented cousin).  I read this lovely quote last fall after my Dad pointed it out to me.  I've thought about it frequently since - very soul stirring.  Glad I was finally able to document it on our blog.  Louisa McCall sounds like a woman I'd love to know.    

#8 - Everything Else...

Lunch with family, trying fried Twinkies for the first time, lemonade stands, garden and yard updates, waiting for early morning, swim practice carpool and everything else I couldn't categorize.  

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