Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

#1 - Home in Utah

Our Memorial Day is never complete without visiting Brigham City at my family grave sites.  I love how beautiful they look when we're done - even though the cemeteries promptly mow them over the following week.  It doesn't lessen our devotion to these people or the longing to feel them close.  

We dropped James off at the Astins for Lake Powell, spent several nights at my parents' cabin, played with cousins, saw family and ate at Maddox twice (it wasn't enough!)  

#2 - Memorial Day

We were home in time for the actual Memorial Day, which included BYU pancakes, spotting several very cool dragonflies, lots of play time, a BBQ with the Eliasons, and watching the storm roll through Treasure Valley that exploded a few days later.  

The last one left some minor damage to our tomato plants.  Grrrr!!! 

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