Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Get ready for a lot of pictures.  May was huge.  Epic!   

#1 - May The 4th Be With You

Rey's portion bread and the Skywalker blue milk were bleh.  Yoda's Dagobah stew was so good!  And the kids fell in love with the Tatooine Sunset.  Plus Andrew favored us with his patented light-saber, Mos Eisley Cantina dance.    

The force is strong with this family.  And we're doing this every year.    

(We did something for Cinco De Mayo too, but it wasn't nearly this cool.)

#2 - McKinnon Garden Begins!

I've become very fond of this little corner in our backyard.  We split each box between two people which included 2 grape vines and 1 blackberry bush.  The seeds are already going crazy!  I can't even describe the happiness I feel tending these little plants with my children.  

#3 - Volleyball with Pretty Girl

After two seasons of lackluster volleyball coaches, I asked myself, "how hard can it be?"  I got served a big piece of humble pie.  But I also got a team of 10 darling girls who were undefeated except for the last two games.  They were awesome!  What a challenge.

Also much gratitude to my two oldest boys who volunteered as refs for most of the games.  And especially Andrew who helped me at practice every week.

#4 - Lilac trees

We had 6 laurel trees that didn't survive the winter.  So we replaced them with these cute lilac trees.  They've already grown an inch since planting.  Big confession - I have always dreamed of having a lilac tree in my yard.  And now I have 4 of them!!  It brings me joy seeing them content and thriving in our yard. 

#5 - Wild Swans

I have the most beautiful commute.  I'm usually passing these fields right as the sun comes up or mid-afternoon when I head home.  Around mid-April, I realized the white birds I kept seeing were not seagulls, but swans.  Swans!  I have never seen a family of swans out in the wild.  Its absolutely delightful!  And so one afternoon, I had to pull over and get this shot.  

They're mesmerizing and they're not geese.  Win/win.    

#6 - Andrew' Soccer Moves

Such a great team!  Undefeated season!!  And according to Andrew, he was the best on the team :) 

#7 - Updated Play-set

Greg was a saint and spent a long, stressful Saturday re-staining our play-set outside.  He also took it completely apart and refitted the structure into a different pattern so the kids could access the little door.  We love it!!

#8 - Civil War Rendezvous 5th Grade

I volunteered at Andrew's field trip last month when they attended an amazing Civil War camp (aka Williamsburg).  It was held at Eagle Island State Park and my heart soared when I pulled up at 9:00 am - cool winds, smell of the river and fields.  Plus you add in everything I was learning from the Civil War camps the kids rotated through.  It was heaven!    

Andrew's favorite was the cannon they fired and the medical tent stories.  

#9 - Scholar Athlete Award

Seriously, I'm not quite sure how our guy got this award with a struggling semester in math and his achillies tendinitis blow earlier in the year.  But we are very proud of him!!

This award also included a $25 gift certificate to Nike.  He was thrilled to spend it on new athletic shoes.  

#10 - And So Much Outside Play

Bubbs has already grown out of the first bike and is now riding James' old mountain bike.  No bike carrier on the Hiawatha for us.  The McKinnons will be all wheels. 

Above:  Pretty Girl with Anastasia.  This darling girl and her family are from the Ukraine and live 2 houses down from ours.  We met them at the end of last summer and the girls were so shy they would barely look at each other.  That all changed when they ended up in the same school class.  Now they walk, bike or scooter to each other's houses almost daily.  

Below:  This is Thomas - Andrew's best friend in Idaho.  These two are very much on the same wavelength - personality, interests and thinking.  When they get together, there is always a great deal of discussion on very important topics like Pokemon, voting rights and why some people don't make any sense.  

Mom and boys made BYU mint brownies one Sunday evening after a bike ride.  Go ahead.  Admit you want one.  They disappeared in a matter of hours.  

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