Thursday, May 25, 2017

Behind the Scenes of Turning 14

In honor of James' 14th birthday, we went out for sushi - hurrah!  Greg was out of town, so we stretched James' birthday out to two days to include Dad when he got back and ended up celebrating for about 48 hours.  James was thrilled!

Some of his friends decorated his locker with packs of gum and Skittles (favorites).  James is still hoping for a movie night with said friends but with his upcoming trip to Lake Powell with the Astins, finals at the end of the semester and swim meets, the timing has not been good.  

Maybe in June... 

Here are his selected highlights of living in Idaho at the age of 13.

- "I get to watch PG-13 movies!  Like Lord of the Rings, and...pretty much all the movies you and Dad own.  Pretty much every cool movie that I think is appropriate that is PG-13."

- "I made the West Y swim team and advanced to Bronze level."

- "I got achilles tendinitis and I had to quit cross country and all running."

- "This was my first year at Eagle Middle School. I didn't really like engineering.  But I really liked science."  

- "I loved going to McCall and hanging out with Hunter."

- "Camp Morrison with Brother Rasumussen was really fun!"  

- "Winter was hard.  Snow was really hectic, especially when we went into a state of emergency.  We had many many many snow days with no school."

- "Stu, Ashton, Ali, Troy, Chris, John, Jonah, Aiden, Jake, Megan, Kalie and Karen - best friends.  There's a lot more but I can't remember everyone."

- "I love going to McCall the most."  

- "I love taking the Greenbelt to almost everywhere - with Stu, mom and everyone else.  It's flooded right now so we can't go." 

- "And Bodacious Pig, mom.  Always Bodacious Pig.  And when are you taking me to The Rib Shack?"   
My biggest sorrow this year as James turns another year older is we only have 3 more summers with him.  THREE.  That's it.  Of course, there's always summers away from college and maybe a semester here and there when he'll live at home, but the dynamic will never be the same again.

So when I hear the noise of my children (and it's not always soft, sweet noise), and when my couches are being ruined from pounding and wrestling.  And when my dishes are strewn about the kitchen and grass clippings are all over the floor as they run happily through the house together, I say to myself over and over - "this is fleeting".  

I only get this type of joy for a few more years.  

Love him and excited to see where this next year takes him (hopefully NOT off steep cliffs or into rocks during the upcoming MTB season).

Here's some shots "behind the scenes" of James this past year.  


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