Tuesday, May 9, 2017


#1 - Tons of crazy things are happening - like ducks on top of roofs (see below) and geese babies everywhere (so cute! But oh no!  More geese!)  We live in a beautiful neighborhood and every day I feel enormous gratitude for the air and sunshine.

The Grandmother Hoopes Magnolia tree "pinkie" survived the winter.  I cheered when I first saw the blossoms coming out in early April.  I knew then that she'd made it through all the ice and negative temperatures.  She'd survived.  Just like us.  Hurrah!

We're still living day-to-day on the flooding situation.  We've had emergency bags packed along with a list of items to grab and shut down if we have to run.  We're told we'll have a few hours notice.  Prayers for a mild winter have been a constant in our house lately.  But we're also facing the realistic fact that evacuations are likely.  I hope they let us evacuate on cars AND bikes, because my two oldest refuse to leave them behind (I'm kind of with them on this point).    

#2 - Bubbs updates.  He was Student of the Week and his favorite activity lately has been practicing his site words in salt.  Very fun and creative, but a constant mess afterwards. 

#3 - In early March, the Nelsons were coming back from Spring Break in Oregon and stopped by to see us for dinner.  We love Big Jud's.  But we love the Nelsons even more!

#4 - Volleyball and soccer season has started again.  We had a wicked windy soccer game a few weeks ago.  Both Andrew and Pretty Girl's teams are undefeated!

#5 - When Idaho has a particularly bad winter (hasn't happened in 5 years), Lucky Peak Dam will let loose what's been called the "Rooster Tail".  This is a release of the original pipes (replaced in the mid 1980s) while they shut off the new/existing pipes and the effect looks exactly like a rooster's tail.  So of course, we went to watch it.  And we brought a couple Eliasons along for the ride.

#6 - In April, Greg and I took James with us on our monthly temple visit.  This is the first time we've gone with just the three of us and it was wonderful!  The visit fell during a particularly tense week with Greg's job search and I was once again reminded how powerful the temple can be at regaining your perspective and restoring peace.  

We've decided to repeat this with James 1x/quarter going forward.

We stopped at our favorite local dive - Soda Stop - on the way home.    

#7 -  James had his year-end swim banquet in April which was super awesome because Olympic medalist, Elizabeth Beisel was the key note speaker.  I'm still in awe that she was so generous in letting the swimmers (including James!) hold her medals - see below.  I loved seeing her hair and the obvious drench of chlorine in the curls.  I can't swim anywhere near her time, but I've had very similar hair. 

After restoring his grade in math from a D to a B (yay!), James decided to forgo tennis and keep swimming full time.  We think his decision paid off because shortly after making the call to stay, James was promoted to the Bronze team.  He now swims almost 2 hours 5x/week.  We're so proud of him and his growth!  The next test on the horizon is the Eagle MTB team - which starts in July.  Balancing both??  Too many things to do.

#8 - And the best news of April....THE TRAINING WHEELS ARE OFF!!

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