Monday, May 1, 2017

A Conversation with our Resident Movie Critic

We finally had a chance to sit down and document our outspoken, ever-critical, contains-no-filter, watch-out-Comic-Book-Guy McKinnon Movie Critic... Mr. Andrew.  This boy knows movies.  And he knows what he likes.  

(warning:  This is also the boy who loves to watch YouTube videos of OTHER PEOPLE opening Pokemon cards.  Yes.  Opening them.  Not necessarily playing with them.  Just opening them.)



It just went on and on and on!!  When they finally defeated the bad guy, they didn’t.  He came back with a monster machine.  And at that point, I stopped watching. 


Cause it was made for no reason at all!  Probably for Cinco De Mayo or something and that’s it!  Too much music in it.  It should be about action and fighting bulls. 

#3 – MY FAIR LADY             

Worst ending ever!!  “Do you know where my slippers are?”  Really?  Why slippers?!  Out of all the things you can say, it’s slippers???  I didn’t get the beginning at all.  I couldn’t understand anything of what they were saying.  They could just be walking instead.  She overhears them and she’s selling flowers.  All the singing and arguments.  They didn’t need that.    


Again, another bad ending.  Who is the fiddler?  Why is he there?  The dad didn’t even want to see his daughter because she married that one guy.  Have you seen that one movie where that girl marries the guy with a lot of tattoos and stuff?  And the Dad’s like, “no”.  And then it’s The End.  What?!  And then at the end the daughter comes back and the dad still doesn’t even really talk to her.  It doesn’t make any sense.  If Lizzie ran away and then came back, of course you would talk to her.  But you wouldn’t start singing.  The dad starts singing.    


The Muppets were very weird.  The NAMES were very weird!  Skeksies and the dog’s name – Fizgig.  What does that even mean??  At the end when he puts the crystal in and “oh its perfect” and then everything is crashing down.  Everything’s fighting.  It’s like, “What?”  The bad guys join with the good guys and now they’re neutral.  That doesn’t make any sense.  

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