Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Idahoans are pretty universal in celebrating Easter.  But I was surprised to discover a fair number of friends and coworkers (non-LDS) who don't recognize any eggs, bunnies, candy, etc. and stick to completely religious traditions.  Surprised and impressed.  Not that I could do that myself - I'd have a mini revolution on my hands.  But the faith of these people in my newly adopted town is impressive - it's greater than I had assumed.  

The other realization I came to (after the fact) was that BSU stadium has a massive Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter.  Dang!  I always learn about these things after it's over and have to mentally remember them for next year.  My goal is to eventually get my children to the blue-field stadium.    

This Easter I got to help Bubbs' school with hiding eggs.  Our oldest got hand, throat and mouth disease the week before and was pretty much out of commission until Sunday night when he crawled out of bed to roll a few eggs.  We joined some of our favorite families for a neighborhood egg hunt.  We grilled kabobs and spent Easter night laughing way too hard playing Scategories and 5-Second Rule.  

And truly, we did our best to remember and worship Jesus Christ.  He's the reason we're all here, the reason we hope and the reason we rejoice.       

We tried 3 different variations of dye this year - gold, tie-dyed and marbled cream streaks.  Surprisingly, they all came out looking exactly the same.
The marbled cream streaks were the kids favorite and also the biggest mess.  When placed on the paper towels to dry, they looked like the evil eggs in the movie Gremlins.  Shudder.

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