Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Movie Nights and Dessert

At some point during the cold, dark months of January, when almost all of Boise was under house arrest because of ice, we started a new tradition.   

Sunday night after dinner, mom makes dessert - from scratch - voted unanimously the week before.  Each child takes a turn with the whipping cream if included (almost all of them know how to make whip cream now - Hoopes style).  And then we settle in the upstairs TV room (my favorite room of the house) and watch a classic. 

We've made it through most of the Rogers and Hammerstein films, dabbled in Hitchcock and some Audrey Hepburn - our scope is getting bigger.  The benefit of course is hearing your offspring sing show tunes when they don't think you're watching, or laughing at modern commentary that references these performances.  They know this stuff now - which from a parent's perspective, is very cool.  

Bubbs sometimes gets bored.  Pretty Girl loves them all, except the scary ones.  Andrew constantly demands to know the ending because he can't take any suspense and he hates most of the non-resolution endings (esp Fiddler on the Roof).  James usually gets up through the musical sequences with his own impromptu dance routine. 

But by far - our family's favorite has been "Make 'em Laugh" from Singing in the Rain.  This song is happiness incarnate.  It's me in my Grandma Hoopes car on road trips.  

We're almost sad to see the weather turn warm when we'll dust off our bikes for Sunday evenings and say goodbye to movies with homemade dessert.  

Until then, help yourself to another slice of pie...

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