Sunday, November 6, 2016

October - November

This has been an incredibly difficult October.  Lots of massive boulders are being thrown our way and we're struggling to keep perspective and faith in ourselves.  Maybe more on this later when I can talk about it in retrospect.  In the meantime, here's what we've been doing - 

#1 - More Broken Bones

Apparently 2016 is the year of broken bones for the McKinnons.  Stupid 2016.  This time it was Roo.  And soccer.  Stupid soccer. 

We were lucky.  I was working at the school when Roo went down, so I was able to quickly run to the field and get him to the Urgent Care.  At first the x-rays showed a minor misalignment and we thought we were out of the woods.


Follow up x-rays revealed the bone had moved out by 20 degrees.  Bad bad news.  We started talking pins, wires and lots of scary stuff.  Mom started freaking out.  Even the doctor didn't know - the plan was to operate and he'd know once he got in.  

Sometimes I seriously wonder if Heavenly Father ever gets tired of hearing from me?

The morning of surgery, I kissed Roo goodbye as they wheeled him away and sat down in the cafeteria with my book to wait the estimated 2-hour surgery.  I was completely shocked when they paged me 20 minutes later to say they had finished.  They had to re-break Roo's bone to realign the angle, but it went smoothly and all of it was accomplished without cutting him open or inserting any metal.  "Guided into place" - was the word his doctor used.  And I'd like to think there was some heavenly involvement in that guiding process. 

Anyway - we're so relived!  So grateful!  Poor Roo on the other hand is out of commission until the first or second week of December.  

My plan is to wrap my children in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives...

#2 - Grandpa & Grandma McKinnon

Oh, how I adore my in-laws!!  It was so nice to have them come visit for a weekend in October.  They bring so much strength, love and support.  I love them and constantly feel blessed to be part of such a magnificent family.

We took them to the Old State Penitentiary and the LDS Meridian Temple.  The two of them drove to McCall on Monday (in the rain!  We felt so bad on the timing).  And then we said goodbye Tuesday morning.   

#3 - Grandpa Carver

My Dad came up again the last weekend in October.  There was a part in the Airstream that wasn't working.  This is his 2nd time up here to fix the silver beast.  Personally, we hope it keeps breaking down so we can keep seeing him.

We showed him the walks down to the river, he read The Far Side with the kids, we went to church and we convinced him to stay over one extra night and watch Eddie The Eagle while we made hot chocolate.  And finally, he gave me a father's blessing.  I haven't had a blessing from my father since I've been married - which is now a little over 18 years.  It felt like coming home again.   

#4 - Soccer Teams and Activity Days

Andrew's season was cut short by his arm.  But he still went to the final games and supported his team.  I love that this league still lets them compete in coed teams.  

#5 - Sewing.  Sewing.  And MORE Sewing!!

Pretty Girl's obsession with sewing continues.  In fact, we've been having a difficult time staying on task in the morning when the crochet wheel has been left out.  We are grateful for Grandma Carver for her constant support in this new hobby of Pretty Girl's.  

#6 - The Raven

We held our annual Raven night.  They are always so much fun - a literary and sense of humor gauge into my children's souls!  We invited the Eliason and Johnson families over this year.  Already love these people.  Thank you, thank you Mr. Poe and Matt Groening.  

#7 - Bubbs' Field Trip - The Farmstead

Bubbs had his first field trip to a local pumpkin patch right before Halloween.  Darling place - but we got soaked!!  And it was muddy.  I had Bubbs pretty much strip down in the garage so nothing would be tracked inside.  

I loved being with him for the field trip!  Not sure how many I'll get to attend in the future - so I'm grateful for the small ones here and there.   

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