Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nelsons in McCall

For Fall Break, the Nelsons came up for the extended weekend.  We loved seeing them!  I realized the day after they left how quickly you grow accustomed to having close friends around you - and how lonely it is once they're gone.  Of course...we went to McCall.  Because seriously.  Friends don't let friends come to Boise without visiting McCall. 

The first night in Boise we went to Dave & Busters to watch the Boise/BYU game.  Super exciting! - even though we ended up losing by ONE point!  We were clearly the only BYU fans in the place, but Boise State fans are wonderful people!  I have yet to meet a sour fan up here.  They are gracious, polite and most importantly... refrain from foul language, especially in front of my children.  Thank you! 

The next day we headed for McCall, where we'd reserved a twin home through Home Away - which meant plenty of room for all the bikes we brought with us.  This is absolutely the way to go with families.  I'm crossing my fingers for a trip to Glacier National Park (and the highly coveted Route of Hiawatha trail) this summer and if it happens, this is how we'll book our accommodations.

We really took advantage of almost every spare moment.  Lots and lots of mountain biking.  Hiking. Target shooting.  Simpsons games in the evenings.  And eating large amounts of food at The Pancake House in McCall.  Never in my life have I seen such a massive cinnamon roll.  Oh, it was divine!  

It was so beautiful up there!  It's always beautiful.  But this time...this time we got to see the Tamarack trees.  I've only just barely learned about them.  They are evergreen pines that go completely golden in the winter.  A very rare species that drop their needles around December and grow fresh ones in the spring.  They are planted along northern Idaho, up into Montana and then along the Canadian border.  They are breathtaking!  I was enchanted.  So much gold. 

Surprisingly, the site of them brought me a momentary escape from the stress of October.  In fact, I'd say Greg and I were able to forget our heavy burdens for a few days with the Nelsons simply being with us.  


I think our oldest was the saddest to see the Nelsons drive away.  He and Hunter have been good buddies since they were barely old enough to start walking.  It's a nice friendship because they can pick up things within minutes when they've been apart for a significant amount of time.  I'm so glad they've stayed close over the years.  

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