Saturday, November 26, 2016

Eleven and Six

There's a Simpsons episode where Homer and Lisa are arguing over the Bear Tax and Homer tells Lisa, "Well anyway, I'm still outraged."  This is Andrew.

My moral compass of a son has carried his absolutism into his eleventh year.  Although I confess it's getting harder to stump him.  This kid knows no fear.  Like this past fall when - again, to his outrage! - he discovered his Grandpa visiting a Vote-for-Trump campaign tent at a local fair.  The boy marched right up to the volunteers and told them exactly what he thought about Trump and his disgust with the whole presidency.  We're proud of him - with a mixture of embarrassment and shock. 

We have a long way to go in teaching him tact.   

Andrew's baby song will always be Celine Dion's Miracle.  My wonderful aunt gave me the album a few weeks post hospital and I cried the first time listening.  It captured so perfectly all those tender postpartum and newborn emotions, particularly after a miraculous pregnancy.  Precious years.  

And I'm overwhelmed with happiness.  So blessed to hold you close.  

Two sons.  Born 5 years and 1 day apart.  Apparently I'm really fertile in February.  

I told Bubbs so many times this past year to turn 2 or 3 again instead of turning 6.  He wouldn't listen to me.  I even told him I cant carry him much longer if he turns 6.  He laughed.  Because he knows I'll keep trying to hold him regardless.  

Mom only has one hope for him before he turns 7 - Get off the dang training wheels!!

Carly Simon's, Julie Through the Glass is Bubbs' song - even though it's technically about a girl.  And it doesn't really matter because every time he hears me singing, I substitute his name for Julie.

I love these sweet lyrics because of my frame of mind when he was born.  When observation and experience finally let me fully enjoy a baby with minimal worries.  Plus going through a pregnancy where I was bewildered over the identity of this little guy.  Wondering how he fit and why he was chosen for us.  This song captures some of that "newness" I felt when we first held him.


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