Sunday, October 30, 2016

Island House Revealed

At the end of the summer we decided to make our first major change to the new house.  It was a bit risky because this is our first experience living inside an HOA with strict HOA rules.  I checked the language multiple times about landscape changes and then I consulted several neighbors.  I'm still nervous even now that one of these days we'll get a letter in the mail.  But so far all is good.     

Here's what our house looked like when we bought in June.  There are 3 river birch trees on the property - all in the front yard.  They're lovely, but they're also massive.  So the one in the middle had to go.  



I am so absolutely thrilled about the change - I almost stayed outside for hours just staring at my house.  So much more inviting and open!  

We replaced the river birch with a "pinkie" magnolia tree.  We have christened it the "Grandmother Hoopes" magnolia tree, in honor of the beautiful magnolia tree that was in her back yard.  It's small right now - but the nursery where we bought it assured me of a perfect, permanent 10 foot height in another 3-5 years.  I'm excited to see the initial blossoms next spring.  

Crossing my fingers she makes it through the winter.

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