Thursday, October 6, 2016

Goldilocks 2016

I think this race is cursed.  

The one weekend in September it rained, snowed and hit temps in the 40s.  That was the weekend of Goldilocks.  Bleh.  

So I stayed true to my promises with high powers from last year and I turned right around when my feet started to get wet - which was at mile 10.  In total, I biked 20 miles.  Again.  Bleh.  

Regardless, the weekend was still fabulous!  It was so fun to see so many of my biking buddies again. The miles spin away when I'm riding next to them.  I could listen to them and catch up with their stories for hours.  They made the race beautiful!  

I'm grateful Andrew came with me.  He was my steady companion who kept me awake on the Friday evening drive down.  He stayed with friends while I was in my race.  We saw family, cousins, and went to one of mom's favorite restaurants - Market Street Grill - for dinner.  

We got a little homesick for Utah.  Change is hard.

PS - my theme song for this race was One Republic Kids.  Wonderful biking song!  Excellent cadence.    

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