Monday, September 26, 2016

The Tooth Man

I have woefully neglected to credit a small - but by no means unimportant - super hero in our family.  This super hero came on board 7 years ago when the current Tooth Fairy had reached the end of her career.  No doubt her wings were drooping with fatigue and her crown too full of things to remember.  And then came The Tooth Fairy's salvation...

The Tooth Man.

Everyone in our family loves The Tooth Man!  So much so, that The Tooth Fairy is hardly ever mentioned anymore.  In fact, Bubbs doesn't think she even exists. 

Tooth Man never forgets the little teeth under pillows - even when it's late at night and little bodies have already been asleep for hours.  Even when mom and dad are nearly asleep themselves and the house is dark and cold.  Nope.  Tooth Man comes through every single time.

The Tooth Man deserves so much praise, hugs and love from all of us, but sadly this affection never gets delivered because The Tooth Man will never reveal his secret identity.  And while our two oldest boys have a small idea of who he is, mom will never tell.

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