Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sun Valley 2016

The #1 complaint from the kids as we were leaving Ketchum and heading home - "We didn't get enough cousin time!!!"  

Shocking, really.

We spent almost every waking moment together.  We even took an additional day off from school so we could meet cousins early at the Twin Falls fair.  So many new adventures this year.  New stories.  New games.  More tears and heartache when we had to leave.  I keep getting this reoccurring feeling that these are really the golden years.  The ones that will leave the biggest impression on my children's lives.  These are the times that will form the foundation of who they are and who they decide to become. 

So yes, most definitely.  Not enough cousin time for sure.    

On a whim, we toured the Ice Caves this year with my parents.  We pass this spot every year, and yet we've never stopped.  It turned out to NOT be the tourist trap I've always suspected.  We learned quite a bit about the surrounding geology between Sun Valley and Twin Falls - and I bookmarked a dormant volcano that was a couple miles down from the caves (hike for next time).  

The difficult part was navigating the lava rock path with my father - who is still recovering from his back surgery and his non-stop work schedule.  I'm so grateful he and my mom could be with us for this trip.  They were the icing on the cake for our reunion. 

One of the coolest mountain bike jerseys ever!  If only they would have had one in my size and in a tank design.  In the meantime, my oldest son will wear his and represent us properly.  

This was our second year signing the kids up for ice skating lessons.  It's beyond amazing because these are OLYMPIC-MEDAL CHAMPIONS teaching my children.  Don't ask me who they are, because I don't follow skating.  But it doesn't stop me from feeling extremely intimidated and slightly unworthy when I talk to them.  

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