Thursday, September 1, 2016


For Pretty Girl's birthday dinner, she chose the Bodacious Pig - a favorite BBQ spot in downtown Eagle.  Greg and I have been twice on date nights and the boys have been drooling to go.  The experience was all the more lively when they saw the "pig" decor - like this very cool couch when you walk in.  

This year saw the downfall of my resolution to steer my daughter forever clear of all things American Girl Doll.  When we lived in Connecticut, I would even walk my children 2 streets over and around the block in Manhattan to avoid the American Girl Doll store.  Alas.  Pretty Girl has matched up with a group of girls here who are crazy about these dolls. 

So guess what she got for her birthday?   

Pretty Girl at 9 continues to be a sensitive soul who cries and laments the hurt feelings of a lost bug on the back porch.  A sense of supreme organization and order runs strongly through her blood, but she hasn't noticed it yet because she never throws anything out and loves to collect everything!  She loves reading the Sisters books, Dork Diaries and the Baby-Sitters Club, and her favorite book is The Girl's Book of Glamour: A Guide to Being a Goddess.  She's patient with her younger brother who cheats at all games so he can win.  She loves to cuddle with her parents and fights recklessly for the seat between them in church.  But what makes her most happy is laughing with her older brothers.   

Shawn Colvin's Nothing Like You is Pretty Girl's song - particularly because parenting this girl is so astronomically different than parenting my boys.  Like I'm in a different universe entirely.  And I have no idea where I am or how to get home.  The lyrics remind me of the chaos I fell into when she was born and I was suddenly balancing 3 children under the age of 4.  Truly, not much has changed except the ages and the number of children.  We're still navigating life with a massive amount of estrogen bottled into one little girl living in a world of testosterone brothers. 

Love you sweet girl.  Happy Birthday.        

Truth to tell and time to burn
I hit the wall and I returned
The ceiling cracked in half and I just flew

Poetry is what I heard
I was hanging on to every word
I was a lover for the world to woo

And I have seen the top of Mt. Ventoux
I have seen a miracle or two
And they're nothing like you.  

-Shawn Colvin

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