Wednesday, September 14, 2016


#1 - River Rehabilitation

Once we were safely unpacked in Idaho, I took the kids to the Boise River and tried to get them feeling comfortable again after our river disaster in Utah.  It didn't take very long with the older boys...

#2 - McCall with Grandpa Carver

My father is going through a late-life crisis.  Last month he bought an Airspring Travel Trailer.  The factory where he ordered the trailer is about 20 minutes north of Boise.  Great news for us because it meant we got to have him for a few days.

Naturally, I took him to McCall. 

#3 - Manla Family

Last month we befriended the Manla family - a refugee family from Syria who've been settled here about 2 months.  

The evening we met them - I couldn't get out my questions fast enough.  And the hard part is they speak no English - only Arabic.  So it was purely through Google Translator (shaky at best) that I've gotten to know Asmaa, the mother.  Within minutes of talking to her, I started crying.  The stories, the hardships, the energy and endurance they've had to withstand.  It always leaves me speechless.

The second time we visited them we took Lego kits as presents for the kids - and it turned out 100x better than I was anticipating.  The kids could play perfectly without needing to use a language.  

Our family has quickly grown to love them.  We try to visit them often.  My children already love their children, and fortunately they seem to be picking up English more rapidly than the parents.  They are a wonderful family and we hope we can help them feel welcomed here.   

#4 - Swim Team

James was hit with achilles tendinitis at the start of cross country season.  It's been a big blow because he was rip-roaring to run again.  Fortunately, one of his new friends (Stu) convinced him to try out for the local swim team.  This was momentous for Greg and I - both of us with swimming in our blood.  We have been waiting and waiting for just ONE of our children to express an interest in swimming.  

It was a very happy moment when we got the call that James was in!!   

His first meet is in 2 weeks.   

#5 - Coding Classes

At some point over the summer - I can't remember exactly when.  One of those rare weeks where we were home and had nothing to do - I signed up my boys for a local computer programming class.  It was taught by an 8th grade boy who's now become very tight-knit with my oldest son (Stu).  They were buddies at Scout camp and we're already quite crazy about his family.

This is the only picture I got of the class.  There was such keen interest in all the information that I now seriously wonder if my boys will one day sabotage the computers in a vain attempt at humor.  I fear for them with so much power.

But it won’t stop me from signing them up again during the winter break in December.  Code on boys!   

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