Thursday, August 18, 2016

18 Years

The number 18 is my second favorite number.  I love the evenness of it, the divisibility by multiple integers.  It's strong, and roundable.  I dig 18.  Which meant my 18th wedding anniversary was going to be epic - just based on my ridiculous mathematical notions alone.  

Not so.

We tried twice for a date night the week leading up to our anniversary.  The first night bombed because tickets for the movie were sold out and we were exhausted.  Second attempt fizzled because I didn't feel well and we only had an hour to spare away from the kids.  The actual day of our anniversary was spent driving Greg to the San Diego airport to say goodbye.  I cried.  Not because it was our anniversary - but because I hate saying goodbye to Greg - in any form.  I hate saying goodbye to him in the morning before work.  It's nutty and unrealistic, but it's true!  And the best hour of the day is when he gets home.

So the night of our 18th anniversary, the kids and I bundled together on the San Diego couch and watched Shark Tank.  We all felt low away from dad.  

It's not what I wanted for our 18th anniversary, but it doesn't matter.  Because this hectic, funny, companionable, joyful, full-of-love life with Greg is EVERYTHING I've always wanted!!  I'm so grateful for 18 years with my husband, this amazing man!  Wow!  We're so blessed to be here.  So blessed to share this rock of strength and companionship together.  I don't know how many years we'll have together in this life - how long our health will hold out or what forces will bear down on us in the decades ahead.  But even if we spent every future anniversary with as much realism as we did this year at 18, I will still be grateful. 
Marriage has been the greatest blessing of my life.

I re-read this talk over a year ago, and it made me reflect on my marriage.  The blessings of marrying Greg.  The visible, tangible blessings of following Jesus Christ.  

Hurrah for 18!!!!

"There was a flowering in them of something divine, planted there by that Father who is our God. In their school days they had lived worthy of that flowering of love. They had lived with virtue and faith, with appreciation and respect for self and one another. In the years of their difficult professional and economic struggles, they had found their greatest earthly strength in their companionship. Now in mature age, they were finding peace and quiet satisfaction together. Beyond all this, they were assured of an eternity of joyful association through priesthood covenants long since made and promises long since given in the House of the Lord." 
- President Gordon B. Hinckley - 

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