Thursday, July 14, 2016

McCall, Idaho

Every time we mentioned our Idaho relocation to friends and neighbors, the town of McCall usually came up.  So we knew we had to go.  It's located about 100 miles from our driveway, and the first Saturday we had free, we took off. 

I fell in love.  Completely.  Hopelessly.  In love.

Osprey Point

There's so much hiking up there.  The rest of our lives would not be enough to cover the potential.  So we started with Louis Lake.  And within 20 minutes of hiking, we got lost.  First time ever for the McKinnon family.  It took us about an hour to back track and finally reach the upper levels of the lake.  Bubbs and Pretty Girl were not happy - but it was worth it in the end.  I think this is the prettiest lake I've ever hiked to.  

Unfortunately, the unwanted detour curtailed our plans to hike Boulder Lake afterwards (next trip).

One of my happy moments of every hike - the preparation of camel backs.  Everyone has
specific preferences on food and you can taste the excitement in the air.

Hard to tell, but Greg is dancing to the music on his phone.

The town itself is scenic, clear and breathtaking.  And the harbor area was coincidentally designed by my very talented Carver cousin - Mandi Carver Roberts.  I could spend days here.  We're already looking into reserving a cabin with cousins for next summer.

It got even better when we hiked through Ponderosa State Park.  Our oldest was drooling over the potential mountain bike trails.  I didn't want to ever leave Osprey Point.  And everyone else loved the beaches.  Again, the air smelled majestic!  

We got dinner at a pizza place called the Toll Station and watched the sunset along the boardwalk.  This was truly a fabulous day!  I'm heading back with the kids as soon as possible.       

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