Thursday, June 16, 2016

May to June

#1 - Hillary's Wedding

Hillary isn't my youngest niece on the McKinnon side, but I always think of her that way because she was the baby when I married Greg.  She's a doll!  And my oldest son adores her because she's always shown him a great deal of love.  

There is so much joy watching loved ones mature and make solid, Gospel-centered life decisions along the way.  This has been Hillary. 

#2 - Sports

Soccer, volleyball, mountain biking, running, swimming - so much energy!

#3 - More Boise

Another trip to Boise (Put an offer on our "island" house.  More on that later.)

#4 - Farewell

Said goodbye to jobs, friends, family - this was really had.  Really.  Like lots of tears.   

#5 - Moving Day

The five of us (minus Greg) bid a sweet farewell to our house after all the movers, trucks and boxes had finally left.  Another hard step.

We were NOT anticipating the many little stumbling blocks along the way - including a visit from a baby skunk in our window well the day we were pulling out.  A total disaster.  Bubbs came within inches of being sprayed.

Good bye sweet house.  Much love and happiness within your walls. 

#6 - Last day of school!

#7 - Sister Vivian Cline and Pretty Girl

Sister Cline and I have a history - except she doesn't really know the details.  When I was 14, I attended a youth conference at BYU and she was one of the youth speakers.  I still remember her talk because it stuck with me for years.  It was one of those small building blocks that helped shape my life and what I wanted to become.

Imagine my shock when we moved into our Draper ward to find Sister Cline in our congregation.  God must have been involved because she became my visiting teacher for several years - years when she finally convinced me to call her Vivian - something I never felt totally comfortable doing.  

The most beautiful part of this story is the bond she formed with my daughter.  Pretty Girl adores Sister Cline and always blossoms when she's around.  It's been a complete treasure for me - and something I hope my daughter never forgets.    

#8 - Memorial Day

(Our Big Guy was in Lake Powell.  More on that later.) 

#8 - And last minute hurrah's...

(We like to tease Roo that eventually he's going to get tired of winning so many races.  He reassures us he enjoys the fame just fine.  There's a running club in the new school he'll be attending and he's extremely excited.) 

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