Sunday, May 29, 2016


My Dad has always wanted to stay at the Old Faithful lodge in Yellowstone - but he never remembers in advance enough to make a reservation (they book years ahead).  This year he lucked out and took advantage of a cancellation the first weekend in May.  

He jumped at the chance.  (Not really. He's still limping along from his massive back surgery.)

Our Sweetie and his cousin Ethan went with him.

This time they didn't take first class and the boys didn't get cell phones.  Roo also took zero pictures of himself during the trip.  The ones included here are courtesy of his grandfather.

But he took some shaky videos with sparkling commentary - posted below.  They got pulled over by a Ranger for driving the wrong way.  They had to backtrack over 300 miles because the southern Yellowstone entrance was still closed for winter.  And the bathroom facilities at the lodge were outright shocking to our son and we're fairly positive he held it the whole trip.  

That's our son.  We missed him.  

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