Monday, May 2, 2016

The Idaho Litmus Test

Four weeks left...

(Signs are courtesy of Greg's close friend - Boney Fuller.)

The idea of moving to Idaho has not thrilled all of us.  A few cried.  Several times.  So before this move happens, I wanted to record a few reactions and pre-conceived prejudices about the Gem State.  

Dad - Very relieved Micron is located in Boise and not Twin Falls - a town he affectionately refers to as the "Ogden of Idaho".  He's already missing living in the Salt Lake Valley where we're surrounded on all sides with mountains, but he's looking forward to all the water/fishing/hiking/camping activities and teaching the kids how to use a kayak.  PS - Greg doesn't know how to use a kayak.   

Mom - Denial.  It took her 4 weeks post job acceptance to finally tell her finance team she's leaving.  She keeps extending her last day.  She stresses daily - sometimes hourly - about selling the house, moving kids to new schools/teachers/friends, finding a new house, new job, new friends, etc.  When she's right on the border of going bananas, she daydreams about the biking trails she hopes to discover.  

Big Guy - He's been researching mtb teams in the Boise area, trying to locate new trails in the surrounding hills.  Fortunately, there are lots and lots!  And he keeps comparing himself to fictional characters in literature in similar situations.  Rather ho-hum about the whole idea, but also positive.  Talks about missing his two best friends - Gannon and Dallin.   

Sweetie - The most excited of the family!  Shocking, because he's leaving behind the greatest number of friends.  He spends his free time on looking for a house.  He's picky - wants a huge backyard and a nice tub in the master bath for himself.  In spite of his enthusiasm, Boise was a culture shock for him.  He's very slowly warming up to Eagle and possibly Meridian.      

Pretty GirlDevastated.  Lots of tears and a sense of loss for everything routine.  We're approaching this one carefully and reminding her that all her animals are coming with us, and that Lucy is her cousin - which means we'll always be close to her.  Pretty Girl is very hesitant to try anything out of her comfort zone.  However, she will instantly cheer up if you show her a house that has a "girl-decorated" room.  "Mom, I want THAT room!"      

Bubbs - Has really no concept of what's coming, but he shares Sweetie's excitement to look for a new house.  Tells me he's already tired of the house we live in now.

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