Sunday, April 17, 2016

March Into April

As we wrap up these last few months, here's some highlights -  

#1 - Brian Regan Concert 

(We attended this concert the day after Greg accepted with Micron.  The levity could not have been better timed.  It was badly needed!  I feel like Greg and I aged 10 years in these photos - it was a very stressful week.)  

#2 - Provo LDS Temple Dedication

(Apparently a temple is in the works for Meridian, Idaho.  We think Bubbs will be 8 by the dedication - which means all our children will attend together.  That's a tremendously happy thought!) 

#3 - Several Winter Scout Campouts (with snowshoes).  Our oldest rocked it.  

#4 - The continuing saga teaching Bubbs to load the dishwasher

#5 - And our toughest obstacle yet - farewell to Greg for 6 weeks.  Sent off with a great deal of hugs, tears and prayers.  (love you, love you, love you)

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