Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Ordinary Life

I read this piece last winter and loved how Crooker uncovered the miraculous grace in the ordinary.  I especially love it now when I'm horribly missing the ordinary.  

Only 5 weeks left...  

Looking forward to those long, slow kisses again (minus the coffee). 

Ordinary Life

This was a day when nothing happened,
the children went off to school
remembering their books, lunches, gloves.
All morning, the baby and I built block stacks
in the squares of light on the floor.
And lunch blended into naptime,
I cleaned out kitchen cupboards,
one of those jobs that never gets done,
then sat in a circle of sunlight
and drank ginger tea,
watched the birds at the feeder
jostle over lunch’s little scraps.
A pheasant strutted from the hedgerow,
preened and flashed his jeweled head.
Now a chicken roasts in the pan,
and the children return,
the murmur of their stories dappling the air.
I peel carrots and potatoes without paring my thumb.
We listen together for your wheels on the drive.
Grace before bread.
And at the table, actual conversation,
no bickering or pokes.
And then, the drift into homework.
The baby goes to his cars, drives them
along the sofa’s ridges and hills.
Leaning by the counter, we steal a long slow kiss,
tasting of coffee and cream.
The chicken’s diminished to skin and skeleton,
the moon to a comma, a sliver of white,
but this has been a day of grace
in the dead of winter,
the hard cold knuckle of the year,
a day that unwrapped itself
like an unexpected gift,
and the stars turn on,
order themselves
into the winter night.

-Barbara Crooker

Sunday, April 17, 2016

March Into April

As we wrap up these last few months, here's some highlights -  

#1 - Brian Regan Concert 

(We attended this concert the day after Greg accepted with Micron.  The levity could not have been better timed.  It was badly needed!  I feel like Greg and I aged 10 years in these photos - it was a very stressful week.)  

#2 - Provo LDS Temple Dedication

(Apparently a temple is in the works for Meridian, Idaho.  We think Bubbs will be 8 by the dedication - which means all our children will attend together.  That's a tremendously happy thought!) 

#3 - Several Winter Scout Campouts (with snowshoes).  Our oldest rocked it.  

#4 - The continuing saga teaching Bubbs to load the dishwasher

#5 - And our toughest obstacle yet - farewell to Greg for 6 weeks.  Sent off with a great deal of hugs, tears and prayers.  (love you, love you, love you)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We're in the process of polishing our house before we move.  So in between paint jobs and grout, we kept busy during Spring Break.  

My favorite part... I convinced my oldest boys to get a pedicure with Pretty Girl and me.  It was so funny!!  The boys were in heaven before they even sat in the chair.  "It smells really good in here, Mom."  And I think I may have started something with this.  They can't wait to go again.    

Monday, April 4, 2016

Great Southern Land

As a last hurrah for some of our most beloved places in Utah, we spent Easter weekend in St. George.  And there was definitely a sense of finality - everyone felt it.  Not that we're never coming back again.  But a return trip isn't in the near future. 

We didn't pause much.  The kids all requested their favorite slot canyon one last time.  We tried to hike in Zions, but the line was super crazy with zero parking.  So we opted for stops at gem/rock stores and more biking.   

The kites were very cool - an early Easter present.  The boys and I spotted the open green lawn on our first bike ride and the wind picked up right before we got there.  The view was magnificent!  You couldn't ask for a better background of red cliffs and the St. George temple.  Perfect.  

This move is killing our spring plans for Moab/Arches and our September camping plans for Capitol Reef.  Alas.  We'll compensate by exploring the Sawtooth Mountain Range, the Salmon River and the Trail of Hiawatha.  My legs are already burning in anticipation.

The goal this summer is to get Bubbs off training wheels.  

We're coming Idaho...