Monday, February 1, 2016

Pretty Girl

I did a major paper on Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun my freshman year at BYU.  Her cover painting on my Humanities 202 textbook fascinated me the moment I picked it up.  And I was shocked to discover that she wasn't overwhelmingly recognized amongst scholars.  At least...not as much as I'd anticipated. But I think she's fabulous!  I love her story during the French Revolution - her work with Marie Antoinette (she and her daughter had to sneak out of Paris in disguise the week the mobs arrested the queen.)

Anyway, I'm very fond of this particular piece - 

The artist and her daughter

I may have seen Pretty Girl as a newborn in Baby In a Red Chair.  But I saw her with me as a little girl in this one.  And even before Pretty Girl arrived on the scene, I got to see the painting in person in Paris with my sisters in 1999.  It's in the Louvre - on the 2nd floor in a back corner.  

I stayed in that corner for such a long time that I remember having to delicately run through several corridors to catch up with my sisters.  

The French museum guards were not impressed.

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