Friday, February 5, 2016

January Recap

We did a few things in January. 

#1 - Lots and lots of playing in the snow. 

#2 - Science Fair and Inspirations

Our Big Guy won!!  1st place!!  His science project will be showcased at Salt Lake City Community College next month.  And his piano composition moves to Regionals the first week in March. 


#3 - Museums

We finally made time for BYU's Normal Rockwell exhibit and The Leonardo's showcase on mummies.  I have to admit the later one was our favorite.  Wow!!  

My favorite piece - "Day in the Life of a Little Girl"

#4 - Energy Transfer

Some scientific principles are best taught by Grandparents... and 2 dozen eggs.  

#5 - Refugee Project

Our hearts have been moved with the thousands of refugees escaping Syria and the surrounding areas.  We're stepping up our efforts to assist where we can - which included assembling hygiene kits for the Salt Lake City Refugee Crisis Center.  The kids also included little notes of love and welcome in each kit.

We're looking into volunteering with the IRC next.   

And I think that's about it for now.... 

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Erin said...

You've done a lot of really good things this month. That's so exciting about James' project. Text me the details on his showcase. Also...I love the Day in the Life of a Girl too. I want a print for Elle's room.