Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter Break in San Diego

We always leave for California at 5:00 AM.  It's routine - along with the places we stop to eat, to rest, etc.  But this year as we pulled out, the fog and inversion were so bad we could only see about 10 feet in front of the car.  Scary at times.  And freezing freezing cold.  

So this time when we finally reached Rancho Santa Fe around 4:00 PM, we all breathed a sigh of relief and mutually agreed the sun had never felt so glorious! 

I didn't stage this one.  I was juggling shoes and jackets up where the sand was dry.  
And when I finally looked up - there they were.
I was told later, "Mom, we figured out if we stood strong together, the waves wouldn't knock us over."

We spotted Gilligan Jr. 

I figured out our pass to Thanksgiving Point is also accepted at 300+ museums around the country.
50 of which are in California.  And 2 of them are in Balboa Park.
The Reuben Fleet Science Museum and the Natural History Museum - both excellent! 

Our Big Guy planted these 2 avocado trees with Grandpa last year.    

A boy, his dog (kind of) and the sea.

One must always stay dry - regardless of fashion.

One of our highlights this time was going on a whale watching tour.  We saw two grey whales, one fin whale and hundreds of dolphins.  It was unbelievable!  

And no trip to San Diego is complete without posting our Bubbs' Swimming Tutorial...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On the Edge of the Teen Years

My personal, parenting theme song as I creep every so cautiously into the teen years with my two oldest. 

I'm gonna let you down.
I know that now.
Make you cry, I know I will.

Why should you believe I would never leave
Or that I love you still?
For all the by and by and hard as we try
The bough breaks and the cradle falls.

For everything I do that will tear at you.
Let me say I'm sorry now.

So you can sing your song
You can get it wrong
You can kiss the rock of ages

And in your wildest dreams
You might see between the liars and the sages
You can walk a while down the mystery mile
You can beat the drums of freedom

And in love and war, through the rush and roar
You just call 'em like you see 'em.

-Shawn Colvin, Let Me Say I'm Sorry Now -  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

They're Off!

This handsome boy wasted zero time catching up with his favorite snacks within hours of getting his braces off.  

We all hope he remembers to brush...

Friday, February 5, 2016

January Recap

We did a few things in January. 

#1 - Lots and lots of playing in the snow. 

#2 - Science Fair and Inspirations

Our Big Guy won!!  1st place!!  His science project will be showcased at Salt Lake City Community College next month.  And his piano composition moves to Regionals the first week in March. 


#3 - Museums

We finally made time for BYU's Normal Rockwell exhibit and The Leonardo's showcase on mummies.  I have to admit the later one was our favorite.  Wow!!  

My favorite piece - "Day in the Life of a Little Girl"

#4 - Energy Transfer

Some scientific principles are best taught by Grandparents... and 2 dozen eggs.  

#5 - Refugee Project

Our hearts have been moved with the thousands of refugees escaping Syria and the surrounding areas.  We're stepping up our efforts to assist where we can - which included assembling hygiene kits for the Salt Lake City Refugee Crisis Center.  The kids also included little notes of love and welcome in each kit.

We're looking into volunteering with the IRC next.   

And I think that's about it for now.... 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Pretty Girl

I did a major paper on Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun my freshman year at BYU.  Her cover painting on my Humanities 202 textbook fascinated me the moment I picked it up.  And I was shocked to discover that she wasn't overwhelmingly recognized amongst scholars.  At least...not as much as I'd anticipated. But I think she's fabulous!  I love her story during the French Revolution - her work with Marie Antoinette (she and her daughter had to sneak out of Paris in disguise the week the mobs arrested the queen.)

Anyway, I'm very fond of this particular piece - 

The artist and her daughter

I may have seen Pretty Girl as a newborn in Baby In a Red Chair.  But I saw her with me as a little girl in this one.  And even before Pretty Girl arrived on the scene, I got to see the painting in person in Paris with my sisters in 1999.  It's in the Louvre - on the 2nd floor in a back corner.  

I stayed in that corner for such a long time that I remember having to delicately run through several corridors to catch up with my sisters.  

The French museum guards were not impressed.