Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week of Poetry

Over Christmas break, I pulled out my box of magnetic poetry on the fridge and told the kids to go nuts.  I wanted to see their young, creative minds work with a limited amount of words and space.

Here's a few of them -  

Bubbs had great fun putting together randomness and asking us to read his creations out loud so he could laugh at the nonsense - 

Her not if.  Pant drive my together. 

Mom's contribution - 

Watch with smooth vision
The moon and music whisper together
Mother never sleep 

I was very fond of what Pretty Girl came up with -   

Woman is sweet
Sun girl rock out 

Roo was typically apathetic in his phrases -  

Ugly girl with peach life
 Power sweet he is shot in the juice 

Our Big Guy preferred realism (but thankfully not real realism) - 

I shot our TV mother

And then I found this one from Greg - 

Eternity together is sweet 

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