Sunday, January 17, 2016


Sweetie was next on the list (along with cousin, Ethan).  And Boston in October was the destination.

He got a cell phone for the extended weekend and the three of them flew first class.  I told him to enjoy it because none of those things will ever happen again (esp. the cell phone).  He just laughed.  

I have only strange, random photos from their trip.  Plus the odd ones he texted me - along with MANY photos of the food he was eating.  One afternoon I got a dozen texts within a 10 minute period - all while I was meeting with a state senator.  That made me laugh.  But only later.

Since the trip, our second son has informed us that I'll never make clam chowder good enough as the stuff he had in Boston.  The Celtics are now his favorite NBA basketball team.  And he's 100% determined to attend Harvard.

Greg and I better start saving... 

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