Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Windy City

I haven't talked about this much but my Dad's health is declining.  We had a terrible scare 3 years ago when his cancer was first diagnosed.  We thought we had weeks.  Maybe days.  It was so awful.  My brothers and I consumed everything we could find on the health histories of Steve Jobs and Dave Rose (same stage diagnosis as my Dad), praying and fasting for a miracle.  

3 years later...he's finally gained back some weight, he avoids chocolate, he gets monthly meds with horrible side effects that he strives to conceal from the rest of us, he still works insane hours and he gets a CT scan every six months.  The good news is the tumor isn't growing.  But it also isn't going away either.  And there's no medical technique in existence that can safely remove it (and believe me, my Dad would know if it existed).  

Eventually, the tumor will win.  And we all know that.  

We've been told 5-8 good years and then a rapid 2 yr decline.  Could be shorter.  We have no idea.  But whenever things get dicey, my Dad reminds me that he's not leaving until he see's Our Big Guy leave on his LDS mission.  Knowing my Dad the way I do, I have lots of reasons to hope.  

In the meantime...

He's determined to spend his remaining days with the grandchildren.  And so at the end of September, he took Our Big Guy and his cousin, Bradley to Chicago for 4 days.  Just the three of them in the Windy City.  Lots of pizza, Ghirardellis, midnight lake ride, U-505 Submarine Museum, the Field Museum and one unforgettable Cubs game (our son is now a die-hard Cubs fan - see hat).  They had an amazing time!  And they reminisce constantly when they get together.    

Boston is next...  Maybe Washington DC in the spring.  

These are the kinds of things my kids will remember for the rest of their lives.  

And my Dad's counting on that. 

(These are the only 2 pictures I have from their trip - waiting on my Dad for the download of more.  Updates will happen when I get them.)

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