Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

McKinnon Phrases 2015 

Dad – “I’ll organize it this weekend.”  “Lizzie, do you know you’re my favorite daughter?”  “Yeah, I need to fix that.”  “I need to run to Home Depot really quick.”  “Just one second… (checking Cougarboard)”

Mom – “Do you mind if I go for a quick bike ride?”  “Make your bed.”  “Love you!”  “It’s time to go!”  “Here’s the schedule.”  “You really need to clean this up.”  “I still see weeds.” 
James – (7th grade) “Can I earn another 15 minutes on the computer?”  “Can I get this song on iTunes?”  “It’s Andrew’s turn this time.”  “I was nice to her!”  “My homework is all done.”

Andrew – (4th grade) “Can I bring my Rubik’s cube?”  “What’s the movie rated?”  “Does anybody want to play a game?”  “Wait.  What?”   “That wasn’t scary.” 
Elizabeth – (2nd grade) “You guys are going on a date AGAIN!?”  “Okay, okay, okay!”  “I forgot.”  “I don’t want to talk anymore.”  “Have you seen my lovey?”  “Can I have a kiss and a hug?”

Matthew – (preschool) “Arby’s.  We have the meats!”  “Is the movie available?”  “I didn’t know that.”  “I know that.”  “I know everything.” “Yay!”  “I really like you Mom.  But I love Dad too.”    

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Lea said...

I love your Christmas card this year - and I copied you and put one quote for each of us in our cards just because I got such a good laugh reading yours! And the pic with the caption is priceless.... love, love!