Sunday, November 29, 2015

His First Decade

My Roo...

When the doctors delivered my son and I heard his first cries, I immediately broke into tears.  Outright sobs.  My doctor even joked with me while I lay recuperating on the operating table - "Don't worry.  He doesn't look that bad".

I've never experienced a happy cry like that before.  And not just happy - it was celebratory, exclamatory, triumphant!  The little guy had made it!!  For 9 months I had lived on a perpetual cliff of anxiety.  Not knowing how long I'd be granted this precious connection with a little life inside me.  I came to appreciate every single moment.  Grateful for every passing day for what it was, never looking too far ahead. 

He arrived 10 years ago this month.

We're still soaking up every moment.  

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