Thursday, November 26, 2015


Bubbs was born during one of the worst forecasted storms in Utah's history.

The hospital went down to a bare-bones operating staff.  They even called nurses at home and told them not to risk themselves on the roads.  Greg left Bubbs in my arms and quickly hurried home so he wouldn't be stranded away from the other 3 kids when the storm hit.  The hospital consolidated all the maternity wards onto one floor and in one hallway.  I remember keeping Bubbs in my hospital room that night - I wanted him safe with me throughout the storm, especially if we lost power or something else outrageous.

But nothing happened.  

The storm was a light dusting - a laughing joke for the predicted "storm of the year".

Turned out to be a perfect parallel for my apprehensive fears over adding one more to our family.

Fear isn't the right term.  Terrified is more like it.  For my health, my sanity, my balance.  The hard part of going through years of infertility - once the windows miraculously open, how do you possibly justify closing them?  

Bubbs almost didn't come.

But Heavenly Father knew we needed him.  And in the end, it was Greg.  All Greg.  And revelation that comes when you're least expecting it - like on a busy Sunday morning with all our crazy chaos for 9:00 church - the last moment in the world when you feel like plunking another little one in there. 

But we did.

And the joy and love in our house has only skyrocketed since.

So let us not be fooled.  And let us not be disillusioned.  Let our eyes see You clearly. - Nichole Nordeman

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