Friday, November 20, 2015

Eyes Dad is amazing.  But I knew that long ago.  I knew it before he brought 30 cow eyes to my 5th grade class for myself and my classmates to dissect.  In my 5th grade-sized hands, the eyes were much bigger than I had ever imagined.  And so much harder to slice through than you'd think an eye would be.

When your Dad is a retina surgeon, you get used to seeing eyes up close.  Really close.  Nothing grosses you out after a while.  In fact, the lens is quite beautiful - like a diamond.  And if you reach the back of the eye, you'll find the retina, which honestly looks like a rainbow in your hands. That's when you realize the black residue goo of the eye (the iris) is absolutely necessary because it tempers the power of the retina.  The genius of the eye is brilliant when you think about it.  Clearly the Creator knew what He was doing.

Like sending me to my father.

And granting all of us a few more years with him so he could come to my son's 4th grade class and repeat history.     

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