Monday, October 5, 2015

The Little Things

At the end of September, Greg and I took another get-away-together-weekend sans children.  It was SO relaxing!!   Above all, I was reminded of all the little things I love about being married to this wonderful man.

Case in point...

Greg had arranged this cute little fruit bowl on the counter top when I woke up the first morning of our trip.   

He'd also eaten most of my single Trader Joe's dark chocolate bar with cookie sauce while at the same time neglecting the two cases of his own candy stacked underneath.  I'm still laughing.

Aside from my chocolate bar, this was my one major indulgence during the trip.

We honestly didn't do much - which was heaven in itself.  We ate when we got hungry, slept when we were tired and took naps just for the fun of it.  

Hooray for no schedules!!  

A couple splurge shopping trips to the outlets by the border.  And one non-crowded morning at Sea World (aka the amusement park that's tanking).

The rest of the trip looked like this...

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