Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Girls In White Dresses...."

These two darling girls were baptized last Saturday by their dad's.  When asked what her favorite recollection was, Pretty Girl is quick to point out that her cousin was by her side.  I love the sweet friendship these two cousins share - the support and love they have for each other.  I hope it continues long into their adult life.

The day was poignant for me because after parenting two boys through baptism, I finally got to stand behind the baptismal font waiting for my daughter with a big hug and a towel.  I felt like I got to watch the whole event "behind the scenes".

This was significant because I remember with perfect clarity coming up from my own baptism and seeing my Grandma Hoopes at the top of the steps with a proud smile.  My mom had died the previous year, so it was a great relief to have someone I loved helping me through this new stage.  

So blessed to be alive and witnessing my daughter make good decisions!

The photo above is my favorite from the baptism.  My darling Aunt Claudia is representing several generations of strong, amazing women who are no longer here, but were as real to me during the ceremony as gentle hands resting on my shoulders and warm arms around me while I listened to my oldest play the rest hymn.  Pretty Girl is a precious link in a long, line of brilliant people.  

My other favorite photo (above).  The joy of these two together was a sight to behold!  I swear there are angels around them.

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