Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Chain Gang - "Our Chains Set Us Free"

Last spring our Big Guy decided he wanted to take his love of mountain biking to another level - so he hung up his soccer cleats and joined his school's mountain bike team.


It meant 2 - sometimes 3 - early mornings a week for practice.  From April to October.  Early mornings.  Not late.  Up in the mountains.  With goat heads, snakes.  Dirt and sweat.  And lots of steep hills with frequent crashes, poison ivy, and battle scars.

Plus Mom spent most of the summer with the bike carrier attached to her car hitch. Small price to pay, really.  

Looking back...what an adventure!  Such a crazy experience into a world we've never experienced until now.  There were rough spots.  Like the critical moment where our son decided he couldn't finish his first race - turned out to be a building block for the races that followed.  And then his personal growth over the summer - a lot of maturity from such a little guy.

He's already decided to do it again next year.  

No need to remove the bike rack for the foreseeable future.  

Riding next to his friend, Calder and in front of his friend, Daniel.  He'll join their team next year.

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