Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ketchum/Sun Valley 2015

"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love." - Ernest Hemingway.  

I think this was our coldest reunion yet.  Temperatures plummeted within hours of arriving.  So we kept to the sun and only during the warmest hours of the day did we brave the newly remodeled, heated pool.  

Every year this place gets more ritzy and snobbish.  I miss the Ketchum winters of my youth, with horses across the street from our cabin, the hot springs pool on main street and snow banks that would swallow my brother and fill my boots.  Now it's nothing but expensive condos, stiff condescension and looks of shocked disgust when my kids go anywhere.  

I try to upset the system as much as possible in spite of it.  

This is our view of the ice-skating show every year.  Bless my dad - he gets us the rooms overlooking the rink.  And it's awesome!  Jammies, cousins and Olympic ice skaters - fabulous!

We can't ever go to Ketchum and NOT eat at the Kneadery.    

We have started an annual tradition of bringing our baseballs and mitts to Sun Valley.  We usually spend a few hours playing catch during lunch.  We love it!  And we get the oddest looks every time.  One of these days Sun Valley Lodge is going to put up a sign restricting it.   

The last few minutes of the BYU/Nebraska game had every single adult on their phones.  Nobody around us understood why we started jumping up and cheering.   

We now have an annual tradition of getting dinner at Bald Mountain Pizza on Saturday night because you get free tickets to the theater the next day.

And I'll pay for this later, but I had to sneak this one in...

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