Monday, September 14, 2015

iShuffle Music

Last month during a mountain bike ride with my oldest, we decided we needed to document our favorite work-out music on the family blog.  (We're finally getting around to doing it).  

This list is definitely not stagnant - especially in his case.  But for the most part, these pieces have helped push us both this past year.  And it's been awesome sharing songs with my ever-evolving, quickly-approaching-his-teen-years, son - I hope the collaboration continues for years to come.  
So here's our Top 5.  We recommend them for all sports, but especially for running, swimming, and any type of biking - some really good stuff that will get your blood pumping...

Our Big Guy - 

#1 – Fall Out Boy – esp Phoenix Light Em Up Irresistible
#2 – Imagine Dragons - Shots
#3 – One Republic - Love Runs Out
#4 – Monster Cat – esp Soldiers New Style
#5 – Muse – esp Supermassive Black Hole & Uprising

Mom - 

#1 – Imagine Dragons - esp Shots Friction
#2 – Fall Out Boy – esp Fourth of July Irresistible
#3 – Led Zeppelin – esp Whole Lotta Love
#4 – Taylor Swift - esp Out of the WoodsStyle
#5 – Instrumental – esp Superman Main Theme and William Tell Overture

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