Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 8

#1 - Field Trip - Downtown SLC, Beehive House

#2 - Hike - The "Y" 

We did it!!!  We DID IT!!!  Even Bubbs made it - and that was no easy hike.  Steep hills and lots of switchbacks.  

"Remember," I told the kids.  "The harder the hike, the more prestigious the university." 

They all have significant bragging rights now...

I love this picture of Pretty Girl.  Fashion at 5,000+ elevation.  The visor, the stylish sun glasses,
camelbak, fleece jacket - complete with the low ponytails.  She means business.

#3 - Science Project  - ran out of time...

#4 - Art Project  - Marble Craft (This was fascinating because we used nail polish as the medium - which brought all sorts of interesting elements to the finished product.  Not everyone was happy with how their tiles turned out.)

#5 - And Then We Did a Little of This - The England's were in town!  Pretty Girl and I adore their girls and their mom.  Plus I got to hold this absolute joy for a few hours.  

And our anniversary!!  Greg and I had a blissful kids-free evening walking around Temple Square - looking at the darling wedding couples posing for pictures.

Greg - "They all look so young!"

Me - "But so were we."

Greg - "Yeah, but we knew what we were doing.  These couples don't have a clue."   

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