Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 6

#1 - Field Trip - Springville Art Museum, Peppermint Place

(It's always so nice to visit Springville and drive by our old house of miracles.  I should have stopped and taken a picture of the kids in front of that beloved home.  Next time.)

Our first house in Springville.  
So many miracles happened here.  
Non-stop tears the morning we drove away forever to CT.    


#2 - Hike - Rocky Mtn Falls  (I don't think we'll ever grow tired of this one)

This is Our Sweetie's cute friend, Anya.  
They are great friends in school and share the same sense of humor.
She's a fantastic hiker - no complaints and shares her snacks :)

#3 - Science Project - Dolomite Rocks (properties of sedimentary rocks)

#4 - Art Project - Not this week

#5 - And Then We Did a Little of This...

(Dinner with McKinnon grandparents - we love them!, pool time, Cowabunga Bay (no pictures), spa day with Pretty Girl, Draper Days, Henna tattoos, BBQs and fireworks...)

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