Friday, July 3, 2015

Little Red 2015

Little Red was beautiful!  And it was a welcomed blessing after Goldilocks - in spite of the rainy forecast for Logan.  Even the starting line timers were warning us all hell was scheduled to break lose at noon.

But it didn't.  Instead, it was glorious!  A perfect pocket of sunshine and warmth that followed us the entire time.  

The scheduled downfall did indeed hit - but by then, Lynnette, Mary Ellen and myself were driving safely towards home.  In fact, most Little Red riders had long since crossed the finish line and cleared out when the massive storm hit that night.  


There were so many sweet highlights.  But this one was my favorite. 

6 miles from the finish line I realized Lynnette had gotten ahead of me.  Red flag.  I had one over-reaching goal this year - KEEP UP WITH LYNNETTE.  Which meant it was time to sprint!  But I wasn't worried because I've been gearing up for this all year and I had energy to spare - even at the end.  

So I locked into a higher gear, started to push, and then our Big Guy's favorite song came screaming through my speakers. 

(important side note - I have zero control over my music during these long rides.  I have my phone strapped to my arm and it plays a random playlist.)   

He and I often have in-depth discussions on what music is ideal for a good workout.  Me for cycling.  Him for running and mtn biking.  A favorite past time is swapping music files with him and hearing his recommendations.  And we had just barely finished talking about the finer points of Phoenix - fresh in my mind.  I could almost feel him over my shoulder saying, "this will get you there, Mom."    
So Phoenix and my Big Guy were my companions until the moment I caught up to Lynnette and finally crossed the finish line.  And I know I had this 100 watt smile on my face those last miles.  It was a little mercy tailored just for me. 


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