Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 3

#1 - Field Trip - Governor's Mansion & Banbury Cross doughnuts (Super super cool!  I have always wanted to go inside this place.  And we did the tour with one of our favorite families.)

Got this shot right before the lady told me "no pictures, please"

#2 - Hike - Ensign Peak (with another one of our favorite families)

#3 - Science Project - Not this week

#4 - Art Project - Not this week

#5 - And then we did a little bit of this... (more water jumping on the trampoline, more mountain biking.  And HE'S HOME!! HE DID IT!!!  Sore shoulders, sore hips, dirt on his face and clothes.  But 50 MILES in 5 days in the Uinta Mountains!  He caught fish with his BARE hands.  Bare.  No pole.  Moment of silent awe please...)

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