Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 2

#1 - Field Trip - Annual Hill Celebration at Mom's work 

#2 - Hike - Horsetail Falls 

#3 - Science Project M&M Tube Rockets (testing the expansion properties of gas)  Let's be frank.  The best part was the fact that everyone got to eat M&Ms before we started.

Note the little hand that can barely wait to eat the candy.

#4 - Art Project Zipline Paper Towel Rolls

#5 - And then we did a little of this... (Alex and Chrissy were here!!, Our favorite sitter is back again to make banana bread and build forts in the living room!  We made our annual summer ice-cream sandwiches.  Held a BBQ with family, another BBQ with Bubba's family (plus kick ball!) and finally one last BBQ with my cycling buddies.  We all need more sleep next week...)

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