Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 1

We're back into the summer schedule - cleaning, weeding, homework, piano.  The troops know the drill by now...

#1 - Field Trip - Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum

(I have no pictures.  We go here all the time and since I was shuffling all four children between a dozen activities with friends, we were rushed.)

#2 - Hike - Temple Quarry Trail (I think this is the last year we'll hike this one.  It's too easy.) 

#3 - Science Project - Flying Birds (challenging the laws of lift and propulsion)

#4 - Art Project - Recycled Art Garlands (I was worried the troops would be bored with this one - turned out completely the opposite.  They loved working with the soft pastels and watching the finished product).

#5 - And then we did a little of this... (Our Sweetie attended his second year of Cub Scout Camp.  We've already attached the hose to the tramp numerous times, spent several nights at the pool, and signed up for the summer library reading program.  We also hosted a breakfast for my oldest son's first morning at the temple and subsequently fed about 15 famished boys plus leaders.  This summer I'm determined to introduce my boys to some classics whenever we're working together in the kitchen - my oldest son is already partial to Jane Eyre.  And then there was lots and lots of mountain biking...)  


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