Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Hasty Self

I yelled at a kid last week.

I've never yelled at a kid before.  Actually, I lie.  I screamed at a total stranger kid 2 years ago.  Screamed.  Yelled.  Threatened bodily harm.  

We were at a falls, hanging out together as a family when this rebellious 8 year old hellion started throwing rocks off an upper ledge towards the people below.  His mother had very sweetly told him to stop at least 2 times - of course he didn't.  Finally, when one of the larger, noggin-size rocks came within inches of hitting Greg's head, I lost it.  

Every time I think back on that incident I feel such a major sense of shame and embarrassment - even though I wouldn't change the anger or my yelling.  When my protective, hasty side kicks in, I tend not to be so eloquent in my choice of words.  

So then last week happened.  

I think what set me off most were the messy, charcoal marks running down the sides of my oldest son's face, along with his very red eyes.  He's a strong soul and he rarely lets his guard down when he's hurting.  So when he does, I know it's bad.  

I also knew the culprit.  We've had problems with this kid before.  

And this time my hasty self reared its ugly head.  I didn't waste nonsense with the principal or the teacher this time - instead I went straight to the kid.  I walked right up to him - closer than I usually am when speaking with another human being, which is completely necessary because this kid has never acted like a human being towards my oldest.  I wanted to make sure he had to look straight up into my face.  

And then I let him have it.  

And I will confess, I have never wanted to punch someone so badly in my life.  But I was very aware that I was flanked by both my oldest sons, plus their friends who were actively backing up my son's story, while the miserable kid denied any involvement whatsoever.  

I can't remember exactly what I said, but I know it definitely involved me growling -  "LEAVE. MY. SON. ALONE!!!!!"  

His mother's on the school board.  His dad is some big wig.  

I'm probably going to get in trouble.  

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Britt said...

And I'm sitting here thinking, "way to go." Maybe if parents would let the village help raise their child there wouldn't be so many problems. I don't get upset when other parents tell my kid what they're doing is wrong. I'm glad that someone is watching out for them while I'm taking care of other kids. Anyway, way to "be the village", taking care of your own kid's safety and letting another kid have it!