Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Soul At Last

I'm not sure why this resonated with me, but it did.  Something about the simplistic, oftentimes peculiar signs of divine mercies - recognized even in the most desperate light.  I read it over Easter on a friend's blog and it's been whispering at me since.        


The Lord's terrifying kindness has come to me.

It was only a small silvery thing--say a piece
of silver cloth, or a thousand spider webs
woven together, or a small handful of aspen
leaves, with their silver backs shimmering.
And it came leaping out of the closed coffin;
it flew into the air, it danced snappingly
around the church rafters, it vanished through
the ceiling.

I spoke there, briefly, of the loved one gone. I
gazed at the people in the pews, some of them
weeping.  I knew I must, someday, write this down.


-Mary Oliver, Blue Horses

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