Sunday, April 12, 2015

Great Southern Land

The highlight of our 3-day weekend was definitely the hike.  We hiked to a waterfall we haven't visited for 2 years - but this time we hiked above the falls and kept going.  Little did we know there was this amazing, picturesque slot canyon less than 500 yards away.  WOW!!

We kept hiking further and further into the canyon until we reached this steep spot - only accessible through ropes or swimming up through the falls (and the water was FREEZING).  

So we went over with ropes.  

Little Bubbs didn't have a chance with the ropes.  So he stayed behind - very happy to find a perfectly Bubbs-sized cave - and settled down with his lunch.  What this picture doesn't show is that Greg also stayed behind to watch over him.  Mom took on the ropes with the three oldest. 

Chalk this one up to bad parenting, but NONE of us brought our hiking shoes.  We were only anticipating a river walk.  So the only way to traverse over the slick rock was barefoot.  

Pretty Girl was exceptionally brave.  I didn't think she'd make it.  But she did.  In fact, while all my children were clinging tightly to the rope and navigating their footsteps, I took up position right above the falls - fully anticipating a quick swim if I had to rescue my babies.  

Everyone made it!  (stellar prep work for the Subway) 

The rest of the trip... relaxing and glorious!  

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Britt said...

I'm still amazed that all your kids will do that. We go on hikes, carry Millie half the time and listen to the our drama queen complain that we're making her walk! I should show her this.