Friday, March 13, 2015

Federation, Year 3

Our Sweetie looks like he's crying - he's not.  The sun was directly in our faces.

SUPERIOR!!  They both scored a superior!  YAY!!!  They've been working on these pieces zealously since November!  They could play them in their sleep, in the dark, forwards, backwards and esp. while a younger brother tried to distract them with banging keys while they practiced.  

(I have to admit - my favorite part was when the boys got the news of their scores.  My kitchen suddenly became an impulsive scene of break out moves to Fall Out Boy's Immortals.  Don't tell them I wrote this.)

A SUPERIOR!  Which means next year's gold trophy is in the bag. 

Let the countdown begin - because next year is the end!  The end of piano lessons.  Our Big Guy and Our Sweetie will happily hand over those reigns to their younger siblings next March. 

They're already looking forward to practice-free mornings.

Mom is *not* looking forward to the upcoming battles with Pretty Girl and Bubbs.


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