Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Break

This is us on vacation.  Seriously.

Because when we're not in a hurry (and we're ALWAYS in a hurry), we end up doing  ridiculous stuff.  Like posing on random, red balls while Mom takes pictures and Bubbs cries because he can't get up.

And then there was this shot. 

This is Mom's favorite spot in San Diego - the Mormon Battalion.  She and those rocking chairs are like magnets.  And there is no moving her for several precious minutes - regardless of the mayhem the kids are creating.

This is Dad's favorite spot along with his favorite food.  If you've never visited a Jersey Mike's - you're missing out.  Sandwiches are essential, along with our baseball mitts in the main square of Old Town. 

More great representation.  Bubbs struggling ahead while pulling up his pants.  So typical.  Mom walks too fast and Dad walks too slow.  Somehow we manage to cage all the kids between us (and keep their clothes on at the same time).

Sunrise is ideal for hiking.  It's spectacular!  And every morning Our Sweetie wanted to go with me.  One morning we even walked almost 3 miles to a local doughnut spot and ate the spoils. 

This is the dark chocolate awesomeness I found in my bag from a sweet husband who didn't forget that it was Valentines Day over our vacation. 

But the BIGGEST highlight was the cousins - overlapping with my brother's family for 4 days.  Which meant every spare moment was cousins, cousins, cousins... (along with pool time, museums, and the grandsons helping Grandpa plant some trees). 

They also saw a lizard who lost his tail to escape.  Gross.


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